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Detailed registry record for: Patrick Gauci

Owner detailed information
Name (last, first): Gauci, Patrick
Email Address:
Country: Malta
Phone number: +35-679490912
Birth year: 1968
Transponder brand, ID: My Laps
Website URL:
Car detailed information
Model: DL6B
Complete car or Chassis: Complete car
Class: FA
Date of manufacture: 1971
Chassis number: n/a
Engine type: Kawasaki ZX12R
Gear box type: Kawasaki
Main color: Pink
Main sponsor:
Car state (0: Not applicable – 1: poor – 10: as new): 7
Car is usually: Raced

This car, the DL6B, was originally raced in Formula Atlantic in the early 70’s. It was brought to Malta some time around 1976 and has been here since. I purchased this car in 2000 in bits & boxes as a slightly damages frame with broken body work. After months of work and re-manufacture I got to race it for the first time in April 2001. In 2008 after an engine blowout I fitted it with the Kawasaki engine which fit perfectly within the rear frame. This car is mainly used for Hill Climbs but has also been raced on tracks in Sicily between 2008 and 2012. The car had a change in colour in October 2015 in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and still carried the Pink October Ribbon on the nosecone. The car is still being raced to this current day.